Luca Bish seeks revenge for Gemma’s flirting on Love Island, claims Billy Brown

Billy Brown was dumped from the villa last week and he’s been on a roll to reveal truths ever since coming out from the villa.

Billy Brown has called out Luca Bish for being fake on the show. The bombshell, who was evicted from the villa last week, isn’t holding back when it comes to revealing truths about the cast of the show.

Luca wants revenge

Mirror confirms that Billy Brown has dished the dirt on Luca Bish in the recent episode of Will Njobvu Youtube video. According to Billy, Luca hated that he got entry into the villa and was always very irritated because Gemma and Billy knew each other from before Love Island. He admitted:

He could tell I would flirt with any girl
He was acting so nice to my face, but you know when you can see that someone is being quite fake with you? He's just putting on an act.
Now we've seen him on screen saying 'this kid, this boy' - I'm not worried about him.

Talking about the movie night and how it showed Gemma and him flirting, he also revealed that Luca was furious to seek revenge for Gemma’s flirting. He added:

I hardly did anything. He would tell me he was annoyed about something, but he'd never tell me what it was. Then when we were in a challenge he'd say: 'Watch when a girl comes in'.

And when Will asked if Luca was looking for revenge, Billy agreed and said:

After he saw me and Gemma flirting, he was raging...yes.

Let her go easily

This comes after Billy previously revealed that Gemma and he flirted a lot more than what was aired on the show. Billy feels Love Island producers let Gemma off lightly and did not show a significant part of the two flirting. He also claimed that Gemma was the one to initiate the conversation. He confessed on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp:

Yeah [she initiated it], and then I played hard to get and didn’t even pull her for a chat.
Just all the flirting, you haven’t seen it all, they let her off lightly.

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