Love Island’s secret sex room that never gets seen on TV

Well, there’s only enough the producers can incorporate into a 60-minute show that showcases the entire day of the Islanders.

Former Love Island star - Amy Day – has revealed that there’s a secret hideaway in Casa Amor where people can do it. The Surrey-based performer appeared in season seven of the show and coupled up with Hugo Hammond.

The secret sex room

Spilling the beans on her time in the villa, she revealed the secret sex spot of the show which never gets seen. The Sun confirms, fans have never seen this on air and it serves as a secret sex room for people on the show. Amy said:

So, do you know what's really funny, there was actually a door in Casa Amor that says 'hideaway' by the way, it was the same Casa Amor as last year.
There was a door right by the front door on the left and it said 'hideaway'.
No one used it but they have it there just in case for whatever reason two people need to like disappear and let off some steam.

Talking about the other spots where two people could get freaky, she added:

But no, in Casa Amor, you go on the day beds and there is a little wooden hammock around the back that's normally where it would happen.
There were loads of little spaces to do it.

This year’s season saw the girls move to Casa Amor for the first time, so whether the secret hideaway was used or not is still a big question mark.

Sex on tv

Speaking to DailyStar, Amy discussed the aspect of sex scenes on the show. The lack of sex scenes this season and the show bosses’ decision to cut X-rated scenes are due to the public complaints to Ofcom, according to Amy. However, disappointed with the approach, she said:

Sex sells, who doesn't love a sex scene? But the majority of the population who sent in complaints are the reason ITV had to cut the scenes, this train has no steam anymore.

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