Love Island's Jamie Jewitt sheds three stone to 'become a better dad'

Jamie Jewitt has revealed his incredibly body transformation after going on strict fitness journey to 'become a better dad.'

Talk about a total body transformation! Jamie Jewitt, who rose to fame after appearing on Love Island in 2017, has remained with now-wife Camilla Thurlow who he met on the show. The couple have since a baby girl and are now expecting their second child together.

'I had pains and aches'

But as baby number two approaches, Jewitt decided to embark on a fitness journey to help him 'become a better father.' He revealed having gained over five stone since entering the iconic Love Island villa five years ago. In a post on Instagram, the hunky father-of-one explained:

Having been in pretty extreme shape for most of my adult life because of my modelling career, there was a certain comfort that came with no longer worrying about the way I looked.

And added:

However now I’m a parent I notice all of the things that are made more difficult by not being at a healthier weight! I had aches and pains and found playing with Nell to be a struggle at times and that was not how I saw things going when I became a dad.

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Convenience of fast food

Jewitt went on to explain that though he hadn't completely stopped exercising. What really made a difference in the way his body changed was how he chose to feed himself. He shared having completely replaced healthy eating with fast foods that were convenient as he had less time for himself in light of the birth of daughter Nell. Speaking to The Sun, Jewitt said:

Its a slippery slope once the bad habits set in and a difficult cycle to break when you have so much else going on that you need to think about i.e an increasingly energetic little bambino!

And added:

Weight loss for me will always be about health and happiness as I had no issue with my body image at a heavier weight it was more the fact that I felt unhealthy. I now have found that balance and I feel like the younger healthier me, and able to be a more active happy healthy parent!
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