Love Island: Villa set for explosive discovery as Andrew is seen crying

Last night’s episode of the ITV2 dating reality show ended with a preview clip that showed Andrew Le Page crying. Fans have worked out a reason for it.

The fact that the ending of the show witnessed a preview of Andrew crying has led fans to believe only one thing. It looks like the Love Island villa is set for an explosive discovery as the Post Cards may have been sent out.


The preview of last night’s episode saw Andrew Le Page crying and being comforted by Jacques O’Neill. Seeing the preview, all fans have speculated it could mean only one thing – Postcards have arrived – according to Mirror. Post Cards or Videos are generally sent from Casa Amor featuring images of Islanders getting up to no good and causing their partners hell and trauma as they continue the week-long relationship test.

Both Andrew and Tasha have been getting to know the new bombshells as they sense uncertainty about their connection. Viewers have predicted that even though Andrew ditched Tasha for Coco, the postcard will arrive and reveal Tasha’s kiss, making Andrew heartbroken. They suggested on Twitter:

Andrew’s crying may mean the postcards being sent out.
Why do I feel like the main villa got the postcard or whatever it is… why else would Andrew be crying?
Please tell me there’s a postcard or a video and that’s why Andrew was crying.

Who’s wrong here?

This comes after fans are convinced that Andrew and Coco had sex on their first night together. While Tasha is still confused about Billy Brown, Andrew seems to be sure that he’s not recoupling with Tasha. Amidst this, Andrew and Coco hit it off immediately after the Casa Amor girls arrived in the villa, The Sun reports.

They passionately kissed on Monday’s episode and last night saw the boys having a debrief in the bedroom. Both Coco and Andrew were grilled in return of which all they did was smile awkwardly. This has led fans to believe that they have done the deed. They wrote on Twitter:

Andrew has been having sex since he walked in the villa like there hasn’t a day he hasn’t he’s actually sly beast.
Wait did coco and Andrew have sex in the first shot?

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