Love Island: This season’s candidates to disclose any STDs that they have

Apparently, this season, Love Island is not taking chances and has asked contestants to sign a health questionnaire declaring intimate hygiene situations.

This year's Love Island competitors had to admit whether they had any STDs, such as genital ulcers or herpes, on a medical form. The Sun has revealed that ITV has made contestants sign a form that they cannot sue the network if they catch any STDs or fall pregnant during their time on the show.

No chance

Because the bosses don't want to take any chances with the sex-deprived singletons, any bed-hopping and between-the-sheets action will be kept completely clean. In addition, the hopefuls have been advised that they would not be able to sue ITV if they contract an STI or become pregnant while in the villa. A source told The Sun:

The safety of the Islanders is paramount and the show’s bosses can’t run the risk of anyone catching a life-changing STD in the villa.

None of the islanders has contracted any STDs in the villa so far, however, ITV doesn’t want to risk it. Any contestants who have contracted herpes are not allowed to take part in the show as it can be spread easily via sexually contact. The paper asks questions about their alcohol intake and drugs usage and probes:

Have you ever had cold sores or genital ulcers or been diagnosed with genital herpes?”

Safety first

ITV legal paper urges the stars to practise safe sex in the villa. The document adds:

Without in any way limiting the foregoing, you represent and warrant that, to the best of your knowledge, you do not currently have any sexually transmitted disease.
If you do engage in sex, we advise you to practice safe sex.

It adds:

You agree neither we nor the Broadcaster shall be under any liability to you: for any ailment or disease (including but not limited to any sexually transmitted diseases) personal injury or your death arising out of or in connection with your participation in the Programme to the extent permitted by law and except to such extent if at all as the same was due to our negligence.

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