Love Island: The show gets extended tonight as the drama in the villa unfolds

Tonight’s episode of Love Island will be extended tonight as there is a bit of under the sheets action and two new arrivals.

Love Island fans are in for a big treat tonight as the show is going to run a little longer than the usual 60 minutes. This comes as there is a lot of drama going on in the villa, both the adult kind and the gossip, with the arrival of two new bombshells.

Extra is always welcome

Two new bombshells—Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Afia Tonkmor—entered the villa on Thursday night. This has shaken up things inside the villa as they both landed a date with Liam Llewlleyn after he was left by Gemma. Amidst this, The Sun has reported that the show bosses have extended the duration of today’s show from 60 to 80 minutes. This means that fans will be able to see the drama for an extra 20 minutes as things heat up in the villa.

The arrival of the bombshells in the villa has stirred things up for sure, but another significant thing that fans will get to see in today’s episode is some under-the-covers action between stars. Reportedly, Paige Thorne and Luca Bish have been indulging in some steamy things under the sheets and Ekin-Su has her eyes on them.

Cuddling and more

The information came to light after Ekin-Su puzzled Paige about what happened between her and Luca and their bedroom activities. To which Paige admitted:

Yeah, footsies, a bit of cuddling.

Pointing out something more was happening than just cuddles last night, Ekin-Su called Paige out. And as things turned icy between the two girls, Paige fumed:

What was she, keeping tabs on how many times he touches me through the night? Weird.

Ever since Ekin-Su arrived in the villa, a girl drama has been predicted and is on the horizon. Even Amber said chillingly:

I am still happy to get to know them, I am not going to be a b*tch, but be a b*tch to me and you ain’t gonna get the nice Amber, a storm is about to begin.

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