Love Island: How long would Casa Amor last?

Casa Amor – The house of love – has returned to shake things up for our Islanders. This is what you need to know about its duration.

Casa Amor is back and it’s back with a bang. If history is any proof, Casa Amor has been responsible for some of the most memorable moments of the show. The second villa is introduced to test how strong connections couples have on the show.

The test of love

Love Island fans have been rejoicing the return of the second villa – Casa Amor. The twist introduces a second villa and separates the islanders on a gender basis. This year the girls are put in Casa Amor with six new boys while the main villa is graced by six new female bombshells for the boys. While Love Island bosses haven’t revealed how long the girls would enjoy Casa Amor, it's expected to be around four days.

MetroNews reports that in the previous series of the show, Casa Amor lasted for about four days and the same can be expected for this year as well. Meaning, it can be expected to end by the end of this week. Once Casa Amor ends, a recoupling takes place, where the OG Islanders have to decide if they want to couple up with anyone new or would stick to the same partners.

Who would stay loyal?

Casa Amor introduces a temptation for every couple’s connection and only the ones who do not stray pass the ultimate test of love. Amidst this, The Sun reports the Islanders who are most likely to betray their connections during Casa Amor.

Jacques O'Neill has the odds at 4/7 making him the most expected Islander on the boys’ side to turn head during Casa Amor. Whereas Paige is at 16/1 – the least likely to betray her partner.

The next boy on the list is none other than Italian hunk – Davide Sanclimenti – at the odds of 4/9 as fans speculate, he’s playing a long game.

Ekin-Su, meanwhile, tops the chart on the girls’ side with 1/2, thanks to her previous history of sneaking around on Davide and kissing Jay Younger.

Tasha is second on the list of girls most likely to turn heads during Casa Amor.

Luca is the least likely to cheat amongst boys while Gemma is at 7/1 odds of changing her current partner.

Whereas other islanders are at –Dami - 10/1, Andrew – 12/1 and Indiyah – 12/1.

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