Love Island fans speculate this Islander is an undercover contestant in disguise

The best part about any show is fan theories and this one is just going to blow your mind! There might be an undercover islander after all.

Every islander in the villa either wants to cause drama or just simply find the love of their life. However, what do you call an Islander who seems like looking for love while causing every potential drama in the villa? The answer is, of course – Jay Younger!

A producer, perhaps?

According to The Sun, Love Island fans have been speculating that Jay Younger – the bombshell who entered the villa last week – is in fact working undercover or even a producer. Undercover contestants aren’t something that Love Island does, but this year’s season’s desperate attempt to be different from others may make it possible that the 28-year-old Investment Analyst is indeed a part of the plot.

Looking at his tendency to cause drama and shake things up in the villa, fans are strongly starting to believe in theory. In his initial days in the villa, he secretly snogged Ekin-Su, only to later tell Davide about it and cause drama. In last night’s episode, he was seen snogging Paige in a saucy challenge. And seeing this, fans cannot help but wonder that only an undercover would want to cause so much drama and be up in everyone’s business. Fans took to Twitter and wrote:

Jay is a producer plant because who goes around starting s**t in every conversation their first week?
Jay lowkey seems like a producer. Ekin-Su creates drama through sheer chaotic energy, Jay is moving like Littlefinger.
JAY IS A PRODUCER IN DISGUISE, he is way too invested and started drama.

Turning a new Pa(i)ge

As the bombshell kissed Paige last night on a question on who would he want to couple up with if not his current partner, some fans also have a theory that he just desperately wants to win. The recent public voting made it clear that Ekin-Su is not a fans' favourite and Jay may just want to be with someone popular to go ahead in the show. A fan tweeted and said:

Who else thinks. Jay is only looking at Paige because he and Ekin-Su were the least popular. So he wants to pair with someone popular.

While Jay is an undercover contestant or just wants to get under the covers with a contestant is an answer that we can only find out eventually. Meanwhile, let’s just sit back and enjoy the drama because the summer of love has only just begun!

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