Love Island: Coco claims producers edited much of what really went on in the villa

Coco Lodge has opened up about her experience on Love Island and reveals that producers heavily edited her to seem like a 'sassy little minx'.

The 27-year-old has spoken to The Sun at length about her time in the villa and believes that producers manipulated her edit to make her seem more sassy than she really is.

'You see me being this sassy little minx'

She explained that she was actually very emotional throughout her entire time in the villa but that very little of that was shown. She said:

When I was in there, I was really hurt and that’s the main thing that was cut from the show. You see me being this sassy little minx, however, I was so emotional in there. I was crying so much, I don’t know how they cut all of that out.

How does she feel about Andrew and Tasha?

Despite having been jealous of their very obvious connection she revealed being genuinely happy for the two:

I do really like them as a couple, because when you’re in there, you do see how genuine they are with each other and I really got on with Tasha and I liked them together. Boys use girls all the time and I’m used to that, I’m 27 years old, it’s happened before, it’ll happen again, I live in London, they’re all here those kinds of boys.

She also believes that they are going to be the couple that will last the longest, similar to Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury. She said:

Do you know what? I actually think they’ll be one of the ones that surprise us. I think you always have that one that everyone had doubt in, like Molly-Mae and Tommy, and then they actually end up lasting the longest.

And added:

And I think that's going to be them, because when you're in there they're so drawn to each other, they're just staring at each other the whole time, it is really sweet. Obviously I was a bit jealous, but I do think they will last a very long time.

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