Love Island: Billy Brown claims Gemma Owen gave him a vibe

Billy Brown was recently dumped from the villa and as he appeared on Love Island: Aftersun, he revealed a surprising fact about Gemma Owen.

Gemma Owen and Billy Brown’s flirty little chatting created a lot of drama in the villa. And while Luca was left furious after the entire episode, Gemma insisted that things weren’t as what they seemed and she’s not into Billy – turns out, that’s only half truth.

We vibed

Billy confessed on the show that he was left confused by Gemma’s ‘mixed signals.’ Meanwhile, the fans also suspected there was a definite vibe going on between the two. However, Gemma denied everything and went on to live happily ever after with Luca Bish on the show.

Now that Billy is out of the villa, he chatted with Laura Whitmore and shared his experience of his time on the show. The roofing company director went from Paige Thorne to Tasha to Gemma Owen to Danica Taylor. So, Laura asked him about the ‘flirting’ with Gemma Owen and asked:

If Luca had not been there and there wasn't a strong connection with Gemma and Luca if Luca wasn't there do you think there could have been something?

The Sun confirms that Billy calmly replied to it and admitted that there was a vibe. He said:

It's not about whether he's there or he's not, it is what it is.
For me if someone is giving me a vibe I will bounce off of it, she was giving me a vibe 100 per cent.

This comes after even Love Island fans speculated that the two had something going on and Gemma would have made a better match with Billy than Luca.

Production tricks

Luca and Gemma’s romance went a little towards the red flag zone for a while there in the villa. This led most fans to believe that Billy was a production plant set up to keep Gemma away from Luca as he caused all that trouble for them. Fans took to Twitter and wrote:

I’m getting the feeling Billy is a production plant to save Gemma from red flag Luca #LoveIsland.
Nahh Billy is a plant. How is he stirring like this. #LoveIsland.

Another added:

Billy has to be a plant, saying Gemma made him confused...what?! #LoveIsland

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