Laura Whitmore: Love Island fans already 'sick of' her after the debut episode

Love Island made its debut last night and fans had a mixed reaction not just about the show and the contestants, but also the host Laura Whitmore.

Laura Whitmore has been hosting the show since 2020 and fans seem to have had enough of her. She was recently slammed by fans for being 'dull and overpaid.' After the debut episode, they are already 'sick of' her.

Why Laura, why?

Laura caught the attention of viewers and not in a positive way due to one of her presenting habits. The first episode of the series also included the first twist of the season, and how she announced it annoyed viewers. Fans pointed out Laura’s habit of repeating the twist to the contestant every few minutes. Some of the lines she used were:

To Ikenna:

This year we've taken the decision out of your hands. And placed it in the hands of the public.

To Andrew:

We've given the decision of who you couple up with to the public.

This annoyed viewers and naturally so, they shared their frustration on Twitter. One disgruntled viewer wrote:

Absolutely sick of Laura repeating herself explaining the 'twist'. Couldn't they just send everyone an email #LoveIsland

Another added:

Nothing more fun than Laura repeating that the public decided the pairings five bloody times. It's all lacking in any energy?! #LoveIsland.

While another shared:

It would have saved time to get the boys out all at once so Laura didn’t have to keep repeating herself.

Looks like Laura has a lot to change in her style of hosting in the coming episodes.

'Dull and overpaid'

Laura hasn’t been a fan favourite for quite some time now. Fans have slammed her before for being 'dull and overpaid,' and lacking energy. They also commented that she has the easiest job on telly and yet makes so much. Of course, the 37-year-old presenter addressed her haters in a video and said:

Firstly, Iain has never had attention on money he earns. Why don’t we like women earning money? I b****y wish I earned what was written in the press! I only get paid days I work.

On her hosting, she said:

Drama baby! if I was on hosting duties I would be having full on banter. But I can’t, I need to stay as impartial as possible and trust the process.

While comments on her age were answered with:

I don’t plan to date the Love Islanders. I am the HOST. Age means experience and it’s a privilege.

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