Hugo Hammond dumped by athlete girlfriend amid explosive cheating rumours

Love Island star, Hugo Hammond, has been dumped by girlfriend, Molly Wilkins, after several women came forward claiming they had gotten with him

Hugo Hammond has been under a lot of fire recently and things do not look like they are getting better for the former islander.

'He is begging her to take him back'

It has been reported, by a close source, that he has been dumped by blonde beauty Molly Wilkins after she discovered that he had been cheating on her with several women. As it turns out, she received messages from these women who told her that they had had encounters with Hammond while he was in a closed relationship with Wilkins. The source explained:

Molly started getting messages from random girls saying they’d kissed Hugo on a night out or slept with him. She split up with him and it's over - even though he is begging her to take him back. She’s furious about it - she feels like he lied to her.

Before adding:

She had to find out from comments on a TikTok video that Hugo had been kissing and messaging other girls behind her back. He seemed so serious about Molly - he flew her out on holiday, and she’d met his family. It was a huge shock to everyone. He denied sleeping with other girls, but admitted he did invite one girl back to his hotel room. She’s devastated.

Accused by Sharon Gaffka of inappropriate touching

The news comes after it was revealed by Sharon Gaffka that Hammond had inappropriately touched her and had uttered insensitive remarks about spiking. Gaffka, who is a vicim of drink-spiking, came forward during an interview in which she called him out and explained how she completely axed him from her life. She said:

He’s tried to message me and I don’t think he knows what he’s done. There’s other stuff going on, like inappropriate touching, which he probably also doesn’t remember. So this is what I mean, nice guys aren’t always as nice.

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