Gemma tipped to stay loyal to Luca during Casa Amor, here’s why

As fans witness Gemma wearing Luca’s ring during Casa Amor, fans are convinced that Gemma and Luca are going to stay loyal.

While Casa Amor has been brutal for some connections, Gemma and Luca seem to be the only connection that is staying loyal to each other. Both Gemma and Luca have shown little to no interest in the Casa Amor temptations.

Put a ring on it

Mirror reports that fans have noticed Gemma wearing Luca’s signet ring whilst in Casa Amor. The fishmonger and the international dressage rider have been together for the majority of their time in the villa, and their budding romance has received a lot of support. The past few weeks have seen them grow closer to each other, despite Jack Keating and Mollie Salmon’s attempt of pursuing them.

Fans have noticed how Gemma has been wearing Luca’s flip-flops and sleeping in his hoodies, while Luca has been sleeping on the outside daybed instead of sharing a bed with any of the Casa Amor girls. Viewers took to Twitter and wrote:

Who'd of thought that Gemma would turn out to be the most loyal and likeable islander.
Luca and Gemma will reunite like Tommy and Molly.

A third added:

The only couple who’s gonna stick at this point is Gemma and Luca

Another shared:

Gemma wearing Luca's ring and hoodie to sleep and his fish flops during the day? Yeah, that girl is [just] as obsessed. Bless.

Ulterior motives

While Gemma and Luca have been staying loyal to each other, Love Island fans still speculate that Luca has a hidden motivation for sticking with Gemma. After Luca told Gemma that he is going to stay loyal during the week-long relationship test that is Casa Amor, The Sun reports that his motive has to do with Gemma’s father and famous footballer – Michael Owen.

One fan suggested on Twitter that Luca was only interested in seeing the former Liverpool and Manchester City striker and that’s why he’s with Gemma. Others followed the lead and wrote:

Okay but can we applaud this man for his dedication to meeting Michael Owen.
Of course he's going to fake it 'til the show is over.
Luca is getting ready to meet his idol.

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