Gemma Owen causes fans to cringe, here’s why

Luca Bish dropped the L-bomb on Gemma Owen after last night’s recoupling and her reaction has caused fans to think she may not be in love with Luca at all.

Luca Bish is the first islander to use the L-word, confessing his love to Gemma Owen in a sweet exchange. The islander brought Gemma to the patio where they had their first conversation and dropped the L-bomb on her. The two have been coupled up since the start of the show.

I love you, not

Luca’s admission of his feeling was a cute moment that many people adored; however, it was Gemma’s reaction that was problematic. Mirror reports have fans have been left cringing over her reaction to Luca’s confession of love.

Some of the viewers found the moment to be incredibly awkward and couldn’t help but comment on it. Taking over social media to express how they feel, some of them tweeted:

Gemma’s reaction to Luca saying “I love you” was a smile I was expecting some more excited #loveisland
Least amount of passion I have seen in a declaration of love, ever. Gemma's reaction was like Luca told her he likes Weetabix

A third concluded:

Luca said I love you and gemma said I hear dat #loveisland

Felt nice

While her reciprocation to Luca’s love wasn’t that incredible or passionate, she later confessed it made her happy. She told viewers in the Beach Hut that it was nice to hear Luca say that and she was happy.

This isn’t the first time Gemma’s reciprocation for Luca’s feelings has been put in question. Earlier this week, the two went on their first date outside the villa and it was adorable. However, body language expert Inbaal Honigman decoded the date only to confirm it was ‘awkward to watch.’ She added:

Raising shoulders can be a flirty sign when coupled with a smile, or an 'I dunno' gesture with a shrug, but here it appears like a stress response as if she wants to put a bit of protection between herself and Luca.

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