Dami Hope may be the next Islander to get voted off the villa, here’s why

Love Island fans are furious at Dami as he cheats on Indiyah in less than 24 hours of Casa Amor girls arriving in the villa.

Dami Hope made a move on Summer Botwe within 24 hours of Casa Amor despite being coupled up with Indiyah. His moves haven’t gone down well with the viewers and he may be at the risk of getting voted off the villa.

Vote him off the show

Love Island fans are angry with Dami after he invited the 22-year-old business owner Summer Botwe to have a staring contest with him. After this staring contest, he leaned in to kiss her passionately. The Sun reports fans are furious as Indiyah has remained loyal and respectful towards him.

This anger has urged fans to vote him out in the next chance that they get. Expressing their anger on Twitter, they wrote:

How did dami fold in less than 24 hours he really played my girl indiyah.
Let’s vote dami out the next chance we get.

Another added:

Dami is definitely getting sent home, now I need to figure out which boy Indiyah should couple up with next to stay in the villa. His stock went all the way down.

And feeling bad for Indiyah another fan shared:

Seeing indiyah be so genuine and still remaining respectful to dami is so sad knowing dami isn’t doing the same.

Luca is the culprit

This comes after Dami accused Luca of encouraging the other boys to cheat. According to DailyRecord, the microbiologist has blamed Luca for stirring the pot and causing problems.

As the guys were chatting around the firepit and discussing Dami’s kiss with Summer, he got furious and warned him:

Yeah, stop egging other people on man. What's wrong with you? Just be real for once.

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