Paul O’Grady’s daughter Sharon opens up about his alter ego Lily Savage: ‘It was a lot to take in’

Paul O’Grady’s lesser-known daughter Sharon Mousley has opened up about her childhood with the iconic personality - Lily Savage.

Paul O'Grady Lily Savage as a father daughter Sharon Mousley
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Paul O'Grady Lily Savage as a father daughter Sharon Mousley

Father and daughter relationships are one of the most cherished bonds in the world. However, it is quite unconventional when you grow up with a father who dressed up in ‘six-inch heels and a blonde wig'.

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Paul O’Grady aka Lily Savage’s daughter has opened up about what it was like growing up with her father and his alter ego a year after his death.

Paul O’Grady’s daughter reveals what it was like to have him as a father

Paul had many people who loved and valued him immensely, including his husband Andre Portasio - who had an unusual living situation with him. The list also includes his daughter - Sharon Mousley.

The 49-year-old recently broke her silence on life with a famous father. In the upcoming ITV documentary that will explore Paul’s alter ego, Lily Savage, Sharon talks about how Paul was at home. She said during The Life and Death of Lily Savage:

I wasn't allowed to see a lot of Lily when I was little, I think because of the language. I didn't understand a lot of the jokes anyway.

Sharon shares incidents like how Paul thought doing fire tricks at a 7-year-old’s birthday party was a great idea. The mother of two went on to share that as she grew older she ‘wanted to see Lily,’ but it was ‘a lot to take in.’ She said:

It was a lot to take in because he was my dad at the end of the day and he's got like six-inch heels with a massive blonde wig.

Sharon shared that the ‘normal’ lifestyle in her house involved her getting tights for him. She loved looking at his makeup and would often wear his footwear.

Who is Sharon Mousley - Paul O'Grady's daughter?

Sharon is Paul’s daughter that he shared with Diane Jansen, whom he had a brief relationship with in the early 1970s. According to MailOnline, Paul revealed in his autobiography that he was 17 when he got Diane pregnant and she was 9 years older than him. Despite not marrying Diane, Paul still paid child support.

Born in 1974, Sharon didn’t get to spend much time with her father when she was little. Paul admitted that Sharon was of secondary school age when they met properly and got to know one another. She attended Buckingham Palace with her father in 2008 when he was awarded an MBE for services to entertainment, reports The Sun.

Sharon insists that when she was born, Paul had no idea about his sexuality. Meanwhile, Paul explained in his autobiography that he felt ‘distant’ from the sweet little Sharon when he first saw her in the hospital room. However, Paul’s grandkids become ‘the greatest reward of fatherhood’ as he missed seeing Sharon grow up when she was little. Sharon’s son Abel even uses the same ringtone as his deceased grandfather, a sweet gesture he made to pay tribute.

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