Mila Kunis, Gordon Ramsay among the celebs who don't plan on leaving a big inheritance to their kids

These celebrities have massive net worths, but their children are not necessarily going to inherit their fortune after they die.

Celebs who won't leave inheritance
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Celebs who won't leave inheritance

Being a celebrity means that your life is very much on show for the world to see. Some celebs - we're thinking the Kim Kardashians and Paris Hiltons of this world - rely on that attention while for others, it is more of a side effect.

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One aspect that everyone is always very curious about is the money: how much do they have, how do they make it, how do they spend it, and who will get it once they die? Well, while many public figures share their wealth with their kids, some have made the controversial decision to limit this generational transfer of money. Gordon Ramsay, for instance, has decided with his wife Tana that their kids will get a 25% deposit on a flat - but not the whole flat! Here's what these other stars have said about what they'll do with their money once they're gone.

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