Kourtney Kardashian explains why she and Travis Barker don't live together

Despite tying the knot three times this year, the couple still chooses to live in separate houses for this reason.

Kourtney Kardashian Travis Barker
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Kourtney Kardashian Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian has recently revealed to fans her private life with husband Travis Barker. The secret about her personal life has left fans surprised and it is even more surprising when her relationship with sister Penelope was disclosed at the same time.

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Kourtney opens up about her private life

On Tuesday's episode of Dear Media's Not Skinny, Not Fat podcast, the 43-year-old reality star discussedthe unique living circumstances of her blended family.

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Despite getting married to the 46-year-old ex-drummer of Blink-182, the couple still reside in separate houses that are close by, according to the reality star.

According to Metro, Kourtney and Travis have decided against moving in together just yet because they want their children to be 'comfortable'. In fact, both the influencer and ex-drummer have their own kids from past relationships. While the model has a daughter named Penelope, 10, and sons Mason, 12, and Reign, 7, with her ex-partner Scott Disick, Travis welcomed a son named Landon, 18, and a daughter named Alabama, 16, with ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

She shared that she and her husband are hoping to move into a larger, joint house soon, but for now, they are not in a rush because they each have their own 'routines' within their own families.

She once explained to host Amanda Hirsch:

We want our kids to also feel really comfortable and they have both lived in their homes their whole lives for the most part, and they each have their rooms and we are a block away.

In addition, Kourtney also revealed that she still sleeps in the same bed as Penelope, who, along with her brothers, divides her time between Scott and Kourtney's house.

'She's slept with me every day since she was born,' the Poosh founder disclosed.

Kourtney Kardashian Travis Barker  Gotham/Getty Images

Given how openly romantic she and Travis are in public—they frequently engage in PDA in front of cameras and post loving photos to social media—the news may come as a surprise to some, but the mother of three added that when her children are staying at their father's house, she is able to spend some private time with the rock star.

She said that even though the couple is preoccupied with raising their children, they always find a way to prioritize their relationship. The media influencer said:

When the kids are at their dad's house, I stay at his house and there's still nights when we'll stay at each other's houses in between. I get up at six in the morning and I carpool every morning, and then I go straight to his house and have matcha. He has it ready for me.

She continued, saying that Travis 'comes over every night':

We have, like, a thing and he comes over every night no matter what. He comes over here and kisses me whether it's midnight and he is getting back from the studio or whatever.

She explained: 'We try to be respectful, too, of the kids and want everyone to feel comfortable.

'But, yeah, sometimes we'll be hugging or just like staring into each other's eyes and the kids will be like, 'Ew, gross!' Even the older kids. But I think also they love that we love each other.'

During the interview, Kourtney raved over her relationship with her daughter while adding that they still share a bed.

'Unless she has a friend sleep over or unless she leaves me to go sleep at Travis’ or Auntie Coco’s [Khloé] or Auntie Kiki’s [Kim],' she said.

We are so close. She is such... I can’t even explain it. She is my girl that I do not worry about.

Throughout the podcast, Kourtney was quite transparent about her relationship, but there was one area where she was carefully guarded.

Kourtney Kardashian Travis Barker  Gotham/Getty Images

Host Amanda asked Travis whether he had a foot fetish because the artist has previously expressed his love for his wife's feet and frequently posts pictures of them online. Kourtney did not answer the question directly but didn't deny it, as she said:

I mean, if somebody wants to pay extra attention to my feet, I’m not mad at that. Well, my husband, not just anybody.

The mother-of-three said that Travis 'embraces her little, size five feet,' although she did not elaborate any further.

Kourtney and Travis have tied the knot three times this year

In January 2021, Kourtney and Travis officially announced their relationship after years of friendship. The Blink-182 drummer proposed to the couple in October 2021 when they were at a hotel in Montecito, California. In April of this year, after he had given a performance at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, they held an unofficial wedding in Las Vegas.

A month later, on May 15, the couple was lawfully wed in a Santa Barbara, California, courtroom.

A week later, on May 22, they were married in a religious ceremony in front of their friends and family in Portofino, Italy.

Does the couple share any children?

The 43-year-old reality TV star, Kourtney Kardashian, and her 47-year-old rock star husband, Travis Barker, are still hopeful about having a child together, ten months after stopping IVF treatment, as per a source. However, the couple wants it to be 'natural' and will no longer be depending on IVF, which Kourtney describes as an 'exhausting' process.

Speaking to the Mirror, Kourtney revealed shocking news on their fertility process:

After eight months of our IVF [in-vitro fertilization] journey, we took a break and wanted to try things naturally.

Recently, Kourtney posted photos on her Instagram, holding her belly, which led fans to speculate that she might already be pregnant. However, the TV personality has slammed all the pregnancy rumors and clarified that her changing body was the effect of the IVF. She said:

The after effects of IVF. I only acknowledge this comment (because) I do think it’s important to know how IVF affects women’s bodies and it’s not spoken about much.

The couple already has a large blended family, with Travis having three children with ex Shanna Moakler and Kourtney having three children with ex Scott.

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