Emma Bunton: What happened to Baby Spice from Spice Girls?

Remember Emma? Baby Spice from Spice Girls? 25 years after huge musical success with the girl group, she’s now a thriving entrepreneur, writer, and mother.

Spice Girls
Spice Girls

25 years ago, a whole generation was crazy over five girls—the Spice Girls. Of the five, Victoria Beckham, known back then as Posh Spice, has continued to steal the limelight with her fashion endeavours. But there is one other spice that has also been doing some really interesting things.

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Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice

She may not have paparazzi tailing her every movement like her co-singer, but she has managed to reinvent herself and become a successful businesswoman. Here’s what we know about her journey so far:

Initially, Bunton aspired to be an actress. It was her longtime dream, but out of the blue a talent scout found her and asked to be a member of a girl’s musical group—little did she know that it was going to one of the most popular bands of all time. This happened in the nineties, when girl and boy bands were in full swing. Some of the most popping at the time were N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and Destiny’s Child.

These groups conquered millions of hearts with their songs, style, and charisma. But like with any fad, the magic of girl and boy bands also faded. The groups broke up and every artist chose to then make it on their own.

Bunton also decided to try and release music that was authentically her, and in 2001 she released her first solo album called A Girl Like Me. Three years later she went to the United States following the success of her second album, Free me. Her last album, Life in Mono released in 2006, after which she decided to go a different direction.

Her other ventures

In the years that followed, she paved her own way in the entertainment world. Three years after giving birth to her first child with her current partner, Jade Jones, she started making appearances on radio and TV shows. She was a judge onDancing on Ice in 2010, a presenter on the radio show Heart Breakfast and she co-hosted The Great American Baking Show.

She’s also used motherhood as an opportunity to realise her other dream—starting her own business. In addition to publishing her very own book, Mama You Got This: A Little Helping Hand for New Parents, in 2021, she is also the co-founder of Kit & Kin, a brand that sells baby products.

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