Cher and Tom Cruise used to date: These are some other celeb couples from the history books

These celebs used to be together, and some of them are pretty unexpected!

Celebrity couples
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Celebrity couples

There's nothing we love more than celebrities' private lives. There is something addictive about seeing these iconic faces on our screens or hearing their voice in songs, and then discovering that they have the same sorts of ups and downs in their lives as the rest of us. The more intimate the scoop, the better. We therefore adore stories about their love lives the best of all.

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Here, we list a few of the most surprising couples who used to date but didn't end up working out. Hilary Duff was with a rockstar aged 16, and Mila Kunis was with another actor for nine years before she ended up with Ashton Kutcher.

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These are the celeb couples that have stood the test of time These are the celeb couples that have stood the test of time