4 cult movies that would be 'cancelled' if made today

The following four controversial films would never be made today.

Though all of the following films have garnered die-hard fans after having had a meaningful impact in the world of cinema, they haven't exactly aged all that well. Whether it is because we, as a society, have become more apt at detecting problematic behaviour, or because social mores have simply evolved over the years, the following four cult classics would never be made today.

1. Heathers (1989)

Heathers Getty/Michael Ochs Archives

Although witty and a shoe-in hit for those who love teen comedies revolving around high school hierarchies, Heathers would not bode well with today's audiences. The climax of the movie involves students blowing up their high school into flames but considering the mass shootings very much prevalent in today's society, this would not come across as very funny.

2. Sixteen Candles (1984)

Not only would this one have to be completely rewritten in order to fit the way we (more progressively!) look at gender roles today, many aspects of the film would have to be reconsidered. Most notably, the character Long Duk Dong would have to be shown in a light that isn't so degrading to the Asian community. The film's depiction of Asian stereotypes definitely takes the cake for one of the most insulting representations of an ethnicity in film history.

3. Mr Mom (1983)

This film would have a very hard time being taken seriously in today's world. It is also a prime example of a movie that has unfortunately not been able to stand the test of time. Mr. Mom relies too heavily on outdated gender norms as the premise is centred on a father who has to learn how to care of his children as his wife get a new job...

4. The Toy (1982)

The Toy  Getty/Michael Ochs Archives

What's not problematic about this film? Very little. The movie revolves around a rich white man buying a black man and ordering him to perform odd jobs as entertainment for his bratty child. The Toy is a poorly made film that mirrors the US's embarrassing history with slavery.

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