ASDA Has Launched Two Fruity Gins To Quench Our Summer Thirst!

ASDA Has Launched Two Fruity Gins To Quench Our Summer Thirst!

With the days gradually becoming longer and the sunshine brighter by the day, ASDA has grasped the opportunity to hop on the summer vibes bandwagon and release a two new fruity gins to get our taste buds tingling.

The two new, vibrant gins, created by the brand Verano, are said to be inspired by Spanish fruits, encouraging us to feel they rays of the Spanish sun while relaxing with friends on home soil. Who can say no to a concept of summer ina bottle?

The fruity flavours are set to be released for the 7th June 2019 which allows plenty of time to hatch up our own dream cocktail concoctions in time for the summer celebrations.

With the price coming in at £23 per 700ml bottle, the aim is to add an element of sophistication to the already playful tones of these new gin drinks. Therefore despite the somewhat hefty price tag, we're assuered the orignial flavourings will be worth every penny! Furthermore, the equally glamourous packaging has been carefully selected to represent each of the fabulously fruity flavours.

To give a clue; one bottle will use vibrant yellow labelling and a colourless gin, whereas the other incorporates cerise pink labelling with glamourous pink contents…can you guess the Spanish fruits which have inspired these new gin flavours?

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Click the video to find out the new flavours around which you’ll be basing your next cocktails!

Teegan Wright
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