She Decided To Make Her Own Dress For Prom... Out Of Something Very Unusual

She Decided To Make Her Own Dress For Prom... Out Of Something Very Unusual

While some girls dream of having a traditional princess dress for the prom, others have more original, and quite surprising, ideas...

Who said you had to be rich to have a high-fashion dress? This young American girl decided to make her own dress for the prom... Out of soda can tabs!

High fashion fashion Coca Cola

We all remember our youth, making jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces out of everything and anything we could get out hands on, for free. Inspired by these crafts, this young woman gave free rein to her imagination to create her dress.

A spectacular, long and metallic dress, this creation caused a sensation on the evening of the prom. The dress, which hugs the young woman's curves perfectly, looks like it's straight out of The Fifth Element with Milla Jovovich.

More than six thousand tabs

The young woman has gathered and sewed together more than 6300 capsules to make this absolutely spectacular metallic dress! In a beautiful performance that commands respect, patience and determination were the young woman's greatest allies.

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When it comes to making a dress that requires time and patience, wedding dresses are the first to come to mind. But this young woman's dress remains a very original design.

To see her unique dress made out of 6300 soda can tabs, watch the video above!

Ruby Smith
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