Watch Out: This Ordinary Plant In Your Garden Could Kill Your Dog

If you have a dog, make sure that you give your garden a look to see if you've got this plant. You need to get rid of it as soon as possible!

Watch Out: This Ordinary Plant In Your Garden Could Kill Your Dog
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We all love to see our pets enjoy running around the countryside, the garden or even the park when we take them for a walk. If your dog is one of those playful pooches who loves to explore and sniff around any corner, be careful. Keep a particular eye on your pet's paws and muzzle, in case a foxtail seed was embedded. The foxtail grass is very common in gardens and is a huge danger for our furry friends.

Their seeds are easily embedded in dog's fur, legs or gums, causing them annoying wounds or worse, serious infection. If the seeds enter your pet's body via the nose, this could even provoke a fatal reaction. Check your dog well after being outdoors, and if you notice that they start to have symptoms like a red nose, rubbing their eyes excessively or shaking their head, get to a vet as soon as possible!

Check out the video above to see what the plant looks like, as well as the warning signs that may alert you that your pup has been affected!

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