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He Ended Up In Prison For Giving His Dogs These Unusual Names

A Chinese dog breeder had the misfortune of making a bad joke in naming his dogs. As a result, he has to spend ten days in jail... Check out the video above to find out what he named his pets!

Chinese authorities don't like jokes. In Eastern China, in Anhui Province, a dog breeder learned this the hard way. This man named his dogs in an unusual way, and made the mistake of sharing it on a social network. This sent him directly to prison.

Sentenced to ten days in jail (based on the law), the dog breeder regrets his behaviour and claims that he didn't know that giving these names to his dogs was forbidden by the law. On the internet, WeChat users were appalled and called out the extreme punishment suffered by the unlucky breeder for a simple joke.

Check out the video above to discover what the unfortunate man named his dogs...

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