How To Make Your Own Cell Phone Cover
How To Make Your Own Cell Phone Cover
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How To Make Your Own Cell Phone Cover

Are you looking for a unique cell phone cover? If so, stop looking because we have the perfect solution for you. And you won't have to leave the comfort of your own home to make it. It's a fun project plus you'll have a phone cover that no one else has. Watch our video to see more!

How To Make A Cell Phone Cover


1. Glue gun

2. Glue sticks

3. Parchment paper

4. Pencil

5. Tape

6. Scissors


1. Use the parchment paper to wrap the phone

2. Seal the paper shut with tape and try to avoid the edges

3. Use a pencil to outline the buttons (speaker,camera,volume buttons)

4. Cut an extra piece of parchment paper and place it on top of the phone

5. Squeeze the glue gun around the bottom edge of the phone

6. Continue to squeeze the glue gun - you can make all sorts of fun patterns just remember to avoid placing glue on top of the buttons

7. Let it dry for 10 minutes

8. Once it's dry, carefully peel the glue case from the parchment paper

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