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They Make Strange Holes On The Wall Of Their House. But What Happens When It Rains Is Incredible!

A beautiful idea from a Korean architect that gardening fans will love.

In Korea, an architect called Jungmin Nam noticed that many people love greenery even if they live in blocks of flats in Seoul. On their terrace or their balcony, they do everything to recreate a little garden. So, he had an incredible idea: create a garden on the wall. The lower half of buildings worked on by the architect now have a multitude of holes made of reinforced concrete and fibre glass so that people can plant their flower pots there.

The neutral white colour of the walls makes the colours of the plants stand out perfectly. This is an original way for people to garden. What is more, they don’t even have to water their plants – the rain takes care of that. The architect made sure that the holes were in the shape of triangles so that each plant can grow and keep the water that falls when it rains. A great idea that could definitely help those who don’t have a garden.

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