This Vet Agreed To Take Care Of A Little Girl's Stuffed Cat For A Very Special Reason

The magnificent Dr. Maier immediately knew that the consultation wouldn't be aimed towards improving the kitten's 'health', but rather not breaking the little girl's heart.

We are so used to hearing stories of tragedy and disasters that news like give us hope. Apparently, there is a future for Humanity thanks to people like Dr. Maier.

This happened in Washington, where Jazmine, a 6-year-old girl, lives with Donnie, her beloved cat. Jazmine has autism and Donnie is her stuffed kitten. Jazmine and Donnie are very close. Hence, Jazmine was concerned about the cat's health and asked her mother to take her to the veterinarian to take care of some ailments its suffered from as a result of endless hours of play.

The mother decided to try to call a clinic and trust in the empathy of its veterinary team. She did well in calling the Pioneer Veterinary clinic. They instantly understood that both Donnie and Jazmine needed special and exceptional treatment.

Dr. Maier decided to take care of the stuffed kitten's consultation. His dedication, his patience, his empathy and his kindness will make your heart melt. Don't miss out on this video.

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