This Mum Decided To Let Her Child Choose Whether To Be A Boy Or A Girl

This Mum Decided To Let Her Child Choose Whether To Be A Boy Or A Girl

Ari Dennis is a 30-year-old mother. She has a very unique way of raising her children, since she lets them decide whether they will be a boy, or a girl.

In Florida, Ari Dennis, a 30-year-old mother, is proud to say that she will let her 11-month-old child, Sparrow, decide their gender, whether to be a boy or a girl. She made that choice because she does not want to raise them in a sexist manner.

Boy or girl?

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Ari Dennis does not define her baby as ‘he,’ or ‘she,’ but rather ‘they’ or ‘them.’ ‘Unknown sex’ is also written on the birth certificate of the child, and few people know Sparrow's anatomy, apart from their parents and those around them. It is Sparrow who will choose later which gender to be. The mother did exactly the same thing to her eldest child, Hazel, who discovered her gender at the age of four.

‘We did not assign a sex at birth, which means that when they were born, they had genitals, we knew what they were, and we simply chose that these genitals would not define their gender,’ she said to the WTSP, before adding, ‘We do not prevent Sparrow from having a gender, and we do not force them to be one kind or another.’ The goal for Ari Dennis is to show her children the various options available to them.

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