What Katie Price Recently Paid For Her Latest Plastic Surgery Operation Is Ridiculous

It is a well-known fact that the model and former boxer Katie Price is no stranger to cosmetic surgery. However, her latest operation could end up having some pretty disastrous consequences.

Over the last two years, Katie Price has undergone two face-lifts and even travelled to Turkey for one of them. But her last operation doesn’t seem to have been as easy as some of her others.

Damaged health?

An anonymous source told the Sun that after her surgery, Katie Price was forced to deal with some quite bad health problems such as her cheeks going numb because the procedure had apparently damaged some nerves in her face.

However, her past operations aren’t entirely innocent in all this.

‘She’s essentially got so much scar tissue building up from the multiple surgeries that her muscles and nerves in her right cheek are struggling to heal.’

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Katie is optimistic

However, the mother of five is still not too worried about the consequences of her latest operation. She told her concerned friends that the numb areas on her face are a normal bi-product of having several surgeries.

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It’s kind of nice that she can look at her situation and her future so positively despite this, but maybe she should stop with the plastic surgery for a while. Cosmetic procedures may come with some advantages, but they also have lots of disadvantages. Some people even go so far that they could afford a house with all the money that their surgeries have cost.

Katie Price: Family 'horrified' at latest boob job said to be 'biggest ever' Katie Price: Family 'horrified' at latest boob job said to be 'biggest ever'