#TransIsBeautiful is celebrating trans women in a brilliant way

Transgender women don’t receive a lot of representation on lots of communication channels. To compensate for this exclusion, a collection of photos was made including transgender women brandishing the hashtag #TransIsBeautiful in order to shine a light on their beauty.

Laverne Cox, the transgender star of Orange Is The New Black, helped to create the movement whose goal is to accept transgender women, and supports their messages as much on the screen as in her daily life. The hashtag #TransIsBeautiful has helped the movement grow so that transgender women’s beauty can be seen, and their voices can be heard.

Out of the shadows

Since the time for lying in the sun has arrived, dressed in colourful clothes, three young transgender women participated in topless photoshoots. These strong and emotionally vibrant photos were the work of photographer Amanda Picotte.

The photos, stamped with the hashtag #TransIsBeautiful were part of the RealCatWalk fashion shows which showcased bodies of all women, men and those who represent the LGBTQ+ community.

On the site Refinery29, young transgender womenwho participated in Amanda Picotte’s photoshoot opened up about their lives and the difficulties that they have faced. Angelica Torres said:

In terms of love, dating and relationships, living as a trans woman can often be a very lonely life.

Seena Steele, a trans model, also concluded:

Every day brings another challenge with safety, with consent, with medical care, with housing. […] Trans women are women and our rights are simply human rights.

To see some of the women who are part of the movement behind the hashtag, check out the video above!

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