These Are The Shortest Celebrity Marriages In History

Celebrity weddings: lots of celebrities don’t bother waiting 'til death do us part… It’s too long! For some couples their marriages are over within a matter of hours! Here is the list of the shortest celebrity marriages in history!

These Are The Shortest Celebrity Marriages In History
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These Are The Shortest Celebrity Marriages In History

Although marriage is supposed to be a strong and sacred bond, for our celebrity friends, it’s something completely different. While most celebrities wait an average of a few years or several months to get divorced, across the Atlantic, flash post-wedding divorces are quite common! A union can end up being over after just a few days or even a few hours of it starting. Is it a trend? A publicity stunt? There are so many theories as to why they separate this quickly that sometimes border on ridiculous.

While Kim Kardashian only stayed married to Kris Humphries for 72 days, Mario Lopez’s marriage to Ali Landry only lasted 15 days. Even worse still, Britney Spears ended her marriage to Jason Allen Alexander after just 52 hours. Yes, you read that correctly.

As for Chad Michael Murray’s marriage to Sophia Bush, known for their roles in One Tree Hill, that only lasted 5 months. The reason for their divorce? The actor’s constant cheating.

We’ll let you check out all the stars that got married on a whim in the gallery below! You’re going to love this.