Siânnise Fudge hits out at ITV’s treatment of Love Islander

Winter Love Island runner-up Siânnise Fudge has criticised the way one of the 2021 cast has been treated by the show.

Siânnise Fudge was one of the most popular Islanders to come out of 2020’s Winter Love Island - and she and fellow runner-up Luke Trotman are still going strong 18 months on from leaving the villa. But Siânnise has admitted she has regrets about going on the show and now she’s criticised the way 2021 Islanders have been treated.

‘Playing with people’s emotions’

Siânnise echoed many viewers’ complaints that Teddy Soares was treated unfairly in the Casa Amor challenge. While Teddy was one of the only boys to stay loyal to his coupling in the main villa, a postcard sent to Faye showed him kissing another girl in what appeared to be outside of a challenge (it was actually during a game).

In an interview with The Sun, Siânnise said:

I thought it was really playing with people’s emotions. Teddy got done dirty there... he stayed out on the day bed. But then they’ve obviously made Liam look not bad. I just think that’s a bit poor from the production.

Luckily, although Faye recoupled with Casa Amor boy Sam Jackson after seeing the incriminating postcard, she and Teddy have now managed to patch things up and we’re pretty certain they’ll be coupling up again in tonight’s girls’-pick recoupling. In fact, Teddy and Faye are catching up to Jake and Liberty a favourites to win the whole show!

Where are Siânnise and Luke T now?

Siânnise and Luke T are still going strong, 18 months after they came second on Winter Love Island. Like the rest of that series’ cast, they’ve been through an unusual first year of their relationship, as the country went into lockdown soon after they left the villa. They made it through and are living together in London with their dog Nala.

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