Rita Ora's illegal birthday bash might cause restaurant to lose license

New details have emerged regarding Rita Ora's lockdown-flouting birthday bash in which the singer bribed the now-fired manager of Casa Cruz with £5,000.

Rita Ora can't seem to catch a break. After having payed a £10,000 fine for breaching COVID-19 rules late last November, all in the name of celebrating the first year of her dirty thirties, more details have emerged and UK police have now branded the star as 'selfish' for her actions.

Bribed to party

Charles Holland, representative or the Met Police's application, said during an online hearing that:

Rita selfishly wanted to flout the lockdown for financial gain and selfish pleasure. Police were advised that a party was being held on November 28 at the venue. They were told large groups of people had arrived via the back door of the club, there was security and loud music was being played and this was all during the second national lockdown.

In recently revealed details, it appears as though the singer offered £5,000 to the manager (who has since been axed), Scottie Bhattarai, so she could host her 30th birthday party at Notting Hill's famed Casa Cruz.

Holland explains that:

At the time, venues had to close and stop providing food and drink, people were told to stay at home and it was unlawful to gather in groups of two or more. The then manager at the time Scotti Bhattarai had been contacted and offered £5,000 for the use of the premises, he agreed and has admitted he was being greedy

All traces of evidence erased

Reports claim that Ora and her entourage's security asked for CCTV camera recordings to be turned off between 6pm and 6:30 pm, likely to protect the identities of the guests in attendance. Although photos were captured showing supermodel Cara Delevingne and sister Poppy exiting the popular London eatery that same night.

Police also found that the CCTV hard drive had been completely wiped out on the 30 November just two days following the birthday celebration with no available footage of the last 31 days.

After having received massive amounts of negative media coverage, the star came out with an apology to try to make amends:

I feel particularly embarrassed knowing first-hand how hard people have worked to combat this terrible illness and being fully aware of the sacrifices that people and businesses have made to help keep us all safe. Even though this won't make it right, I want to sincerely apologise.
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