Olivia Attwood introduces newest family member

Love Island’s Olivia Attwood and her footballer fiancé Bradley Dack have welcomed Lola to their family.

Olivia Attwood and her fiancé Bradley Dack have adopted a puppy! Taking to Instagram to share the happy news, Olivia wrote:

Brad and I have waited years to get a dog, and I can’t believe she’s actually here and she’s ours. And what I can believe even less is that we get to have this beautiful dog as part of our family because someone else deemed her not worthy of being in theirs.

Olivia Attwood’s puppy

She went on to describe how Lola and her siblings were rescued by Care For Dogs Romania after being found abandoned in the snow on New Year’s Day. They believe that Lola is around 5 months old and is probably a mix between a Carpathian Shepherd and a German Shepherd.

Olivia and Bradley adopted the gorgeous Lola through UK charity The Pack Project after initial plans to adopt an older dog fell through. The Pack Project is an organisation that finds homes in the UK for stray dogs and cats from across Europe and it was love at first sight for Olivia when she saw Lola.

Adopt don’t shop

Olivia has been a long-time supporter of ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ campaigns, which call on people to adopt rescue dogs rather than buying from puppy breeders. She previously spoke out about the issue when Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague’s puppy Mr Chai died just days after he was delivered to them from Russia.

At the time, Olivia slammed breeders who had offered her ‘free dogs’ as though they were accessories, saying:

It's just horrendous, and I really don't want you guys to go and pile on to Molly and Tommy because it's not about them, they've been conned by one of these establishments.
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