New Islander Chloe Burrows clears up married man affair claims

One of the new 2021 Love Islanders sparked controversy with comments she made in her introductory interview.

The 2021 Love Islanders aren’t even in the villa yet but the drama has already begun. Chloe Burrows sparked outrage from some fans in her introductory interview by saying that she’s ‘partial to a married man.’ She’s now used some pre-villa press interviews to clarify her comments.

What did Chloe Burrows say?

Chloe originally said in her Love Island teaser interview:

I did meet someone at work, I thought it was love at first sight until my manager reminded me of his wife and kids. Doesn't mean I don't drunk call him most weekends. Any girl should be wary of her man, but definitely around me. It's always his fault.

This was followed by someone tweeting:

Dad’s PA has gone on Love Island and admitted an affair. How’s your day?

The now-deleted Tweet hit headlines but Chloe has responded saying:

I’ve actually never been a personal assistant. But that married man thing has been massively taken out of context.

She explained:

I was seeing someone for a while and I had no idea he was married, absolutely no idea. Someone at work was like "he's married with kids," and I was like "what the f***?" I ended it because I was like, "what the hell?” I didn't know he was married. It's not like yeah, give me a married man. Absolutely not. I don't want a married man. I don't want a boy who fancies someone else.

Who is Chloe Burrows?

Chloe Burrows is one of 11 stars to have been announced so far for the Love Island 2021 line up. The 25-year-old financial services marketing executive from Bicester describes herself as ‘funny’, ‘outgoing’ and ‘bubbly’ and says she’s going into the villa because she’s tired of being in ‘situationships’.

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