Molly-Mae Hague ups security after devastating burglary

Molly-Mae Hague has reportedly hired 24/7 security after the flat she shares with Tommy Fury was burgled last week.

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s apartment was burgled while they were at an event in London last Thursday night, with thieves reportedly making off with £800,000-worth of stuff. According to a source who spoke to the MailOnline, Molly-Mae is upping her personal security even further as a result of the incident. The source said:

Molly's taking no chances - she's hired 24/7. Confidentiality Protection as well as her other security. She has completely moved out of her apartment now and will never return... She's upping the security before returning to the spotlight at her Halloween Pretty Little Thing meal in Manchester on Thursday night.

Both Tommy and Molly-Mae have been uncharacteristically absent from social media since the burglary. Molly-Mae did take to her main Instagram grid to share a photograph captioned ‘Smile through the storm’ on Tuesday.

Molly-Mae's security fears

Molly-Mae had previously spoken about security concerns, saying she was freaked out by regularly receiving PR packages to her home address despite not sharing it with the brands. In April this year, she said in a Youtube video:

I'm not sure I've mentioned this before but I now have to pay a lot of money a month for an extremely high security for the apartment. I had a few incidents, I just don't really feel safe anywhere anymore. I didn't feel safe in our last apartment, I don't really feel safe here... I don't really feel safe anywhere anymore because I just feel like no matter how much you try and keep your life private, when you're in the public eye your life is never private.

'Making yourself more vulnerable'

Since the news of the burglary, some have suggested that it was only a matter of time that Molly-Mae got robbed after ‘flaunting’ her wealth and expensive purchases online and sharing videos filmed at her home which made it easy to work out where she lives. A security expert who spoke to The Sun said showing off possessions online makes you more vulnerable to thieves. However, others have slammed this point-of-view saying that no-one is to blame but the thieves.

Molly-Mae’s YouTube videos won’t be the same after ‘devastating’ burglary Molly-Mae’s YouTube videos won’t be the same after ‘devastating’ burglary