Meghan Markle Has A Look-Alike And The Resemblance Is Uncanny!

For the past few days, an Instagram account has been shaking up the internet. Why is that? Because the young woman who's running that account is a Meghan Markle look-alike. Read on to find out more.

After announcing that they are stepping away from royalty, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are at the heart of every conversation. But for the past few days, it is not the Duchess of Sussex who has been the talk of the town, but rather her look-alike.

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MOM SHAMING (or the condemnation, criticism, or shaming of anyone for that matter) on a public forum: Is this ever ok? I ask because not only do I see it on others’ pages, it happens to me quite often. And many times coming from other Christians (well at least I assume they are because they almost always have some bible verse referenced in their bios). But the Bible calls us to pull our brothers/sisters aside if we feel they’re doing something wrong, not publicly ridicule them. And don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times I question in my head another parents actions and may think they’re a little coo coo for Cocoa Puffs, but I would never publicly shame them just because they do things differently than me. And some may say, well your page is public so you’re asking for it. No, actually I’m not. There’s no disclaimer attached to each post saying please feel free to shame me. And as a matter of fact, the times I have opened my comments up for discussion I always preface it with please no shaming or hate. So again I ask, when is public shaming ever ok? • And for the many who have taken their time to publicly shame me, why don’t you use your time for productivity and positivity instead; like getting off your phone and playing with your own child(ren) instead of scrolling your timeline looking for ways to spread your negativity. And if you don’t have kids, get a hobby, like knitting. That’s a much more productive and positive way to use your fingers as opposed to using them to spew shame and negativity in the comments you compose as a keyboard gangster. • And thank you, as always, to those that continue to be positive and uplifting; not only to us but to everyone around them. God calls us to be the light and the salt. So y’all keep on shining! (P.s. scroll to see just a few examples of the type of comments I receive) • (SHOPS TAGGED) ❤️

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An uncanny resemblance

Regina Greyson is a young mother from Kansas City. Proud of her little girl, she decided to create an Instagram dedicated to her, and regularly posts photos of the blond little girl and her big blue eyes. Recently, her number of followers doubled after she posted a selfie where she posed with her child, and where we can see her striking resemblance to Meghan Markle. From her skin colour to her hazel eyes and freckles, it's all there.

While many young women have called themselves 'Meghan Markle's look-alike' since her marriage to Prince Harry, few can brag about such a resemblance. Some time ago, a 36-year-old lawyer spent more than £23,000 trying to acquire features similar to those of the Duchess, but the results were inconclusive. The surgeon who had performed the surgery explained that the former actress has become one of the new role models for people who want to undergo surgery.

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A PARENTS WORST NIGHTMARE: Happened to us... Keep reading to know why we’ve been MIA this past week... 😩 • Tristan woke up in the middle of the night before school on Monday complaining of his arm hurting and itching. My hubby said it looked like he’d scratched off a bug bite. So we didn’t think anything of it at first. Then when I was fully awake I was thinking how that doesn’t seem like something he’d normally do. And I mentioned it to Preston (my hubby) before he left for work. So when I saw Tristan’s elbow later while getting him ready for school his “bite” definitely didn’t seem like a normal mosquito bite to me and I immediately thought brown recluse. But Preston told me even if it were there’s nothing that can be done, so even though my instincts told me differently, I just took his word for it. But when Tristan came home from school on Monday he was clearly disoriented and not feeling well. So he napped and seemed to be in better spirits when he woke up. But then Tuesday morning he woke up early again and was puking and had diarrhea. That’s when I noticed his bite on his elbow had changed a ton and looked horrible (swipe to see the fast progression of his skin dying from necrosis over a short 48hrs from Tuesday morning to Thursday morning). So that, coupled with his throwing up and diarrhea, made me of course start worrying that it definitely was a brown recluse bite (if you don’t know what a brown recluse is, Google it, it’s one of the top 2 most poisonous spiders, in the US). So Preston took him to the ER, where they claimed it wasn’t a brown recluse bite and even claimed it couldn’t go systemic even if it were. My instincts told me they were wrong so I had Preston take him to his pediatric office and they also said they didn’t think it was a brown recluse bite. He was prescribed antibiotics orally from the ER and topically from his pediatrician and released. I still didn’t feel right about it (so much so that I was in a full on anxiety attack for 2 days straight)... READ THE REST IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

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A real hit on the internet

Since the Instagram account dedicated to her daughter was discovered, Regina Greyson has received thousands of comments on her photo every day:

'Your resemblance to Meghan Markle is just crazy,' 'I really thought it was Meghan Markle,' 'OMG you're Meghan Markle,' can all be read.

We're pretty much in agreement!

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