Luke and Siânnise: Have the Love Island couple split up? The one hint raising doubts

Rumours have been swirling that Winter Love Island runners-up Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman have split—but are they accurate?

Luke and Siânnise were one of our favourite couples ever to come out of Love Island, so we were gutted by reports that they had split up. But with no official confirmation of a split from either Luke or Siânnise, what’s the truth behind the rumours?

Have Luke and Siânnise split?

In an article published today, The Sun quoted an ‘insider source’ as saying:

It's been a really hard couple of weeks for both of them but it's over for now.

That being said, these ‘sources’ are not always 100% reliable, and the tabloid also reported that both Siânnise and Luke’s reps refused to comment on the rumours. The fact the ex-Islanders have neither confirmed nor denied the rumours suggests they might not be sure about the future of the relationship just yet.

Did Luke and Siânnise unfollow each other on Insta?

In the same report, The Sun reported that Luke and Siânnise have unfollowed each other on Instagram—but that doesn’t appear to be the case. As of Wednesday morning (24 November), both Siânnise and Luke were following each other on the social networking site. Siânnise also still has a ‘HIM’ highlight on her profile, featuring pics and clips of herself and Luke together.

Even more telling, they’ve both liked each other’s most recent grid photos, which were posted just yesterday. Now, obviously they could have split but just still be on good terms and supportive of each other—but we reckon those Instagram likes could be a sign they’re still (or back) together after all.

So we’ll just have to wait and see if Luke T and Siânnise are still together or not. Either way, we’re sending them both all the best, and we’ll keep stanning them—together or apart.

This Love Island 2020 couple have split This Love Island 2020 couple have split