Laura Whitmore admits not knowing where Love Island 2021 will be filmed

Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore has admitted that she is still in the dark as to whether Love Island 2021 will be filmed abroad or in the UK.

It’s certainly going to be a long-awaited summer as Love Island returns to our screens after a year and a half off the air, but will it be a long, hot summer? There’s still a lot of uncertainty as to whether ITV will be able to film Love Island 2021 abroad or not due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

Laura Whitmore: ‘I just show up’

Even host Laura Whitmore, who will be fronting the show in just a matter of months, still doesn’t know where the show is going to be filmed. Appearing on Dublin 98 FM radio this Monday, she said:

You probably know more than I do because every time I do an interview, there's a different article written saying, 'oh it's in Jersey,' or 'it's in Greece,' or wherever, and I'm like, 'is it?'

She continued:

So many people work on Love Island. It's a huge production, I mean hundreds and hundreds of people, and they have been working on it for the last year since the previous series, so I mean, they know a lot more than I do. I feel like I just show up and swan in when they need me to.

Where will Love Island 2021 be filmed?

Producers are said to be hoping for a return to the traditional Majorca villa but several UK options are rumoured to have been secured as back-ups. Rumoured alternative locations include Devon, Cornwall and Gavin and Stacey filming location Barry Island. The island of Jersey is also reportedly an option.

Whilst it’s clearly going to be out of Laura’s hands, she admitted that she’d rather a return to sunnier climes for Love Island 2021. She said:

I live in central London and in Ireland or wherever, we see a lot of grey weather. Let's just have a little bit of sun! I think we need a little bit of sun, a bit of escapism.

She’s got a point!

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