Kate Middleton looks completely different after she cut her long hair

Prince William's wife has just discreetly changed her hairstyle. She now has a shorter haircut, with a different shade. Read on to find out more.

While all eyes are currently on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry because of 'Megxit,' Kate Middleton continues to make media appearances.

After having caused quite the sensation at the BAFTA Awards Ceremony, for which the Duchess had opted for a long white dress adorned with gold, and a very elaborate low bun, Kate Middleton has continued to sport some original looks. While the Duchess dared to wear a Zara skirt pant and a pair of sneakers during a taekwondo session on 26th February 2020, she more recently opted for a Barbie pink outfit at an event held on the 4th of March.

And in spite of all these very stylish looks worn for her official outings, it seems that the world has overlooked one small detail: Prince William's wife has changed her hairstyle.

A change of style that went unnoticed?

The long, wavy, and reddish shade of hair that she has had since the end of 2019 is gone. Charlotte, Louis and George's mother has opted for a new, more structured look.

Kate Middleton unveiled her new look for the occasion of her arrival in Ireland. She now has medium-length hair with the ends cut very straight. She has also cut her lengths around the face, and she has a long fringe. In terms of colour, there's been a change there too. The 38-year-old mother's hair is now chestnut, with a slightly blonde tinge.

A change intended to be discreet?

Although some people think that Kate Middleton's change has gone unnoticed because the Duchess of Cambridge continues to be in the shadow of Meghan Markle, despite her departure from the royal family, other media outlets such as Gala have suggested otherwise.

It could be that Kate Middleton's new hairstyle was deliberately done in a subtle way so as not to draw attention to her hair transformation. Just like Lady Diana at the time, it could be that at the request of the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge only made subtle changes to avoid attracting attention to herself. To be continued...

Kate Middleton is taking on more and more responsibilities in the royal family Kate Middleton is taking on more and more responsibilities in the royal family