Harry Styles makes history of the cover of American Vogue

The former One Direction member is the first man in the history of American Vogue to land a solo cover.

Landing the cover of a magazine is a huge feat for any celebrity but the accomplishment is that much more impressive when a male pop star fronts the fashion bible itself! For the December 2020 issue of American Vogue, Anna Wintour decided to put Harry Styles on its cover in head-to-toe Gucci sporting a lace-trimmed dress paired with a double-breasted tuxedo jacket.

A gender bending fashion photoshoot

The photoshoot, shot by famed photographer Tyler Mitchell, explores the idea of redefining codes of masculinity by incorporating traditional womenswear on a male celebrity figure. From dresses, to high-waisted pants, to skirts in bold and loud prints, Styles exudes an effortless confidence that is rarely seen in men's fashion.

This isn't the first time that the former boy band member and current Gucci ambassador has been seen wearing traditionally female clothing at major fashion events. Last year's Met Gala received Styles in an all-see-through ensemble accompanied by Gucci's current artistic director, Alessandro Michele.

I find myself looking at women’s clothes, thinking they’re amazing, says styles.

Response from the LGBTQ+ community

Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike agreed that the cover was monumental in breaking down gender norms and making room for diversity in a world where very little of it is ever seen. However, some believe that a more appropriate figure of the LGBTQ+ movement would have been a better spokesperson for the magazine to profile.

The likes of actress and activist Laverne Cox, or models Teddy Quinlivan and Nathan Westling, all transgender fashion figures, come to mind, for instance. Giving a voice to marginalized queer people could have perhaps given more strength to the message the magazine was trying to convey.

Still, we must give credit where credit is due. As one Twitter user so eloquently put it:

Dismantling gender stereotypes, while looking completely fabulous in the season's hottest trends is not something just anyone can do. Thankfully, we have Harry Styles to show us how it's done.

Check out the video above for some behind-the-scenes footage!

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