Dr Alex George shocks the internet in new topless selfie

The former Love Islander posted a gym selfie on Instagram to shed light on a very important issue with his followers.

As if there weren't already enough reasons to gush all over how much of a good sport Dr. Alex George is about issues that really matter... The former Love Islander took to social media to share a topless selfie of himself at the gym and his followers went wild.

Ending fat shaming

However, the response he got wasn't one to validate his flawless physique. Instead, the medical expert wanted to shed light on the pressures of beauty standards and how these need to be abolished for the sake of mental health. In the post, Dr. Alex said:

Fat shaming and weight stigma can be such a barrier to exercise. Over the years I have felt embarrassed and nervous to train in the gym when I’m bigger. I AM NOT ASHAMED ANYMORE.

Before imparting further words of encouragement to his 2 million followers on Instagram by saying:

Don’t forget that you deserve to be in that gym as much as anyone else. If people judge you for how you look that says far more about them than you. I know who I would rather be friends with.

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Medication stigma

But this isn't the first time Dr. Alex has asked his followers to help him squash outdated modes of thinking. Earlier this year, the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador reached out to his followers to end the stigma surrounding medication. He said:

So many people live with medication stigma every day, a fear that they will be judged as being weak or discriminated against, simply for taking a pill to help with their mental health.

And added:

The other day I did a poll on my stories and 75% of you have faced medication stigma. That is so sad. I can tell you now, I am not ashamed. I AM PROUD to take control of my own health. This does not make me weak or less able, it makes me stronger.
Dr Alex George speaks out on diversity on Love Island this year Dr Alex George speaks out on diversity on Love Island this year