Danny Dyer: Actor opens up about mental health struggles

The 44-year-old actor took to his podcast to share with listeners his struggles with mental health issues while urging them to seek help when feeling down.

In his podcast which he shares with daughter Dani, Sorted With The Dyers, the actor revealed the realities of suffering with mental health issues.

Deteriorating mental health

He candidly opened up about having had a tough week but also reminded his listeners to speak out when they are feeling down. The soap opera star had previously revealed to fans his emotional trauma following the death of his grandfather. During the podcast, he said:

I've had a tough week, mentally. You need to express it, this is what it's about now. We go through these times when we just don't know how the f**k we are, and we struggle being who we are. Whatever the f**k that is.

Before adding:

It's been on me a little, my brain has been attacking me. It's really difficult, and I wanted to put that out there because I needed to do that.

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The importance of vocalising struggles

Dyer also stressed the importance of expressing oneself when going through tough moments in life. He said that whether that meant talking to a family member, a friend or a health professional, seeking help and knowing when to seek help through speech is fundamental in recovering from trauma. He explained:

Anyone out there that is struggling, you've got to open your mouth and say it. Stop saying to people, 'I'm fine' because if you're f***ing not then express it.

And added:

Now I've expressed it, I feel slightly better. Still a little f**ked in the nut, not going to lie. But anyone out there who is with me, don't worry. I'm going through it as well. It's OK and you will come through it.
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