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Charlize Theron Looked Amazing In Her Strapless Dress With A Plunging Neckline

At the BAFTA Awards ceremony 2020 which took place on Sunday 2nd February 2020 in London, Charlize Theron proved once again that she has good taste when she appeared in an amazing dress designed by Dior.

On Sunday 2nd February, the BAFTA 2020 Awards ceremony (British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards) took place, an event that celebrates film and TV and is held every year in London. And several big stars made the trip to attend this big event.

On the red carpet, we saw celebrities from both the big and little screens, world-renowned names and even members of the Royal Family. But among these stars, Charlize Theron once again had all eyes on her.

A breathtaking dress designed by Dior

For the ceremony, the American celebrity and leading actress in the film Scandal, which is currently in cinemas, appeared in a stunning, long, purple dress. Strapless and with a plunging neckline, this outfit made from pleated silk-chiffon was designed by Dior. As the face of the haute couture company, the 44-year-old actress has an amazing bust which seems to look amazing in everything the fashion giant creates, which really helps when it comes to creating her tailor-made outfits. According to the French company’s Instagram account, the pleated bodice was meticulously done by hand, stitch by stitch, before then being attached to the underskirt.

As for her accessories, the mother to August and Jackson wore a black belt to really show off her figure. In terms of her jewellery, Charlize Theron put her faith in Tiffany & Co. when she wore a rather unique chocker from Tiffany’s new collection, T1, with more than 10 carats in total. The actress also wore a discreet pair of flower-shaped earrings to match her necklace.

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As for her hair, Charlize Theron styled her short locks with a side-parting and slight curls in the lengths which she is currently growing back out. On her eyes, she dazzled everyone with a pink eyeshadow, a shade that perfectly matched her outfit. She looked simply amazing.

By Lindsay Wilson
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