Celine Dion posts a natural photo of herself getting back to basics

Taking a break in her career because of the global pandemic, Celine Dion recently posted a photo in which she really did look well and refreshed. The photo shows the singer looking completely natural and without a hint of makeup on.

Since she is a fan of putting on big shows like the ones held in Las Vegas from March 2011 to June 2019, Celine Dion clearly likes to impress people. Wearing breathtaking costumes and surrounded by stunning staging effects, the singer from Quebec really knows how to put on unforgettable concerts.

Although the single who sang ‘Because you love me’ always dazzles the many fans who come to see her spectacular shows with her charisma and showmanship, this mother also knows how to get back to basics.

Celine Dion goes au naturel

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Canada, Celine Did post quite a different photo to those she usually posts on Instagram. Sitting on a rock out in the open, the world-famous star can be seen posing in sportswear with her slightly-greying hair pulled back from her face.Celine Dion was completely makeup-free in this photo and her face was beautifully illuminated by the sunlight. This very natural shot of René Angélil’s widow was accompanied by the following positive message:

In challenging times it’s even more important to reflect on everything that we are thankful for. I hope you find moments of peace, happiness, and love, today and every day. #HappyThanksgivingCanada! 🍁❤ - Celine xx…

A very simple photo that fans loved

Not long after the photo was posted on social media, the mother of René-Charles, Eddy and Nelson received countless compliments. Her fans all around the world left lovely messages for her.

You look so healthy and well! I’ve missed seeing your smile so much these past months… We lurve youuu!
So nice that you share pictures with us it makes my day a better day. Stay safe and keep posting pictures!
A singer going au naturel! Just as beautiful on the inside as the outside! Stunning!
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