One Direction could be getting back together ‘sooner rather than later’

Exciting news for One Direction fans as two of the group’s members have promised they’ll be reuniting soon.

One Direction getting back together ‘sooner rather than later’
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One Direction getting back together ‘sooner rather than later’

Many fans had high hopes that One Direction might reunite last year to celebrate their 10th anniversary. While that didn’t happen, it sounds like a One Direction reunion could be happening in the not-too-distant future as Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have said it should happen ‘sooner rather than later.’

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Liam may well have been inspired by The Wanted’s recent reunion, as he performed alongside them at Tom Parker’s Inside My Head concert for Stand Up To Cancer. Fellow X Factor boy band JLS have also reunited for a new tour and album recently. Liam told The Mirror:

I spoke to Louis about it and we were saying it has to be sooner rather than later.

Earlier this year, mogul Simon Cowell seemed confident a reunion was on the cards, saying:

I think it will happen. If they got together, whether it is making records again or touring, it would be the most amazing thing. I'd love it to happen. If I could get into a room with them all and just say to them, 'You know what, whether it's six months or something, I think you would have such a great time and enjoy each others' company again'. Maybe I could persuade them. But I think they should do it, definitely. The fans, of course, would love it.

When will the One Direction reunion happen?

Back in January 2020, Louis Tomlinson appeared to suggest that the One Direction reunion should happen before any of them turned 30. Louis is the oldest of all the band members and will be celebrating his 30th birthday on 24th December this year—so could a reunion be set to happen before this year is out!?

Will Zayn Malik be back?

It’s not clear whether any potential One Direction reunion would include Zayn Malik. Zayn left the band in March 2015, nine months before the rest of the group went on hiatus. Since leaving, Zayn has admitted he wasn’t a fan of One Direction’s music, calling it ‘generic as f***.’ He’s also said he didn’t make any friends in the group - so it seems pretty unlikely he’d be involved in a reunion. But you never know!

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