Bobby Norris: This is what the Towie star looks like after dissolving facial fillers

The 35-year-old reality TV star took to social media to show off his filler-less face and had a thing or two to say to his haters...

Bobby Norris has shocked the internet after revealing himself looking more natural than ever.

A message to the bullies

In a new post on Instagram, the Towie star not only showed what he looks like without fillers, he also took the time to address the years of bullying he suffered at the hands of online trolls.

Norris admitted having been a victim of cyberbullying after undergoing various facial modification procedures over the years. In the post, he made sure to mention that his decision to have his fillers dissolved came entirely from him and not as a result of succumbing to the pressure to conform. He explained:

After years of having facial fillers I decided to have them removed. Sorry in advance to the trolls who have loved to abuse me online for how I look.

And added:

I know you’ve had a field day over the years. From Kris Jenner (love her!!) to Ken Doll and everything in between, I’ve took them all on the chin but make no doubt about it my decision to dissolve them has certainly not been to please any of you.

The news comes after a string of Love Island contestants have also recently made the jump to a less artificial looking face. First with Molly-Mae and most recently Georgia Harrison.

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The real reason he dissolved his fillers

He also explained that the reason why he has now opted for a more natural look is purely out of the curiosity of seeing what he looks like without them after having spent so much time with fillers. He said:

I just feel like I’ve personally outgrown that look and wanted to see how I looked without them. So for now it’s time for me to embrace Natural Norris.
Georgia Harrison: Love Island star reveals latest plastic surgery Georgia Harrison: Love Island star reveals latest plastic surgery