This is the reason your cat always sits on your keyboard

Does your cat love to bask on your laptop’s keyboard? Here's what explains this strange behaviour!

All cat owners who are currently working from home know that their furry companions love to sit on their computer keyboards. A cute habit, but one that can sometimes prevent us from getting down to serious work. No matter how much they are moved out of the way, cats always decide to come back, making sure to step on the keyboard and block the computer screen in the process. Here's what explains this strange behaviour!

Cats imitate their owners

In today’s connected world, the computer or the telephone take an important place in our lives, and cats have understood this. The reason they like to lie down on our computer keyboards so much is because they are putting their paws in the same place as our hands. In other words, they are imitating us!

There's also another reason. Cats sit where we put our hands to attract our attention, and so we pet them. They need affection, and they try to replace the thing that is taking our attention away from them. Not to mention the warmth of a computer remains pleasant, especially in the winter!

How to work from home with a cat around?

Even if watching your cat try to write an email is fun, these little antics can quickly become troublesome when you have a busy day. The best way to work from home without forgetting about your pet is to find a place for them by your side during working hours. Prepare a cosy little area with their favourite blanket on your desk or on the chair next to you, and give them some attention between meetings. Your cat will be happy, and so will you!

And if you catch your cat meowing on but don't know what's gotten into them, you might want to try this new app that deciphers cat meows!

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