A Kitten Was Scratching Nervously At A Door. You Won’t Believe What Was Hidden Behind It!

This little cat kept scratching at a door. Could it smell a mouse? But you’ll never believe what actually happened next.

Cats are intelligent animals. Whether that means looking for help or getting revenge in brilliant ways, they often intuitively know what to do. As this is no exception.

Something behind the blue door

A small black cat was sitting in front of a blue door and it seemed to be excited about what was hiding behind it. It approached the door and didn’t stop scratching at the gap beneath it. Suddenly, a dog’s head appeared in the gap as well. No matter how hard the puppy tried, he couldn’t manage to get under the door. The space was too small and he couldn’t get on the same side of the door as the cat.

The cat had a brilliant idea

Then, the cat had an idea. It crawled into the side where the dog was and it looks like it started to push the dog from underneath. Against all odds, the dog forced itself little by little through the gap in the door and actually managed to get out. Shortly after, the cat followed and this Dog-Cat-Dreamteam was finally reunited.

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